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Mortgage Overview

Whether you are a seasoned home owner looking to better your current deal, or you are considering taking out a mortgage for the first time, there are usually many unanswered questions that spring to mind:

How much can I afford to borrow?
Which bank is offering the best deal?
How much is it going to cost me?

Sure, we all like the prospect of owning a lovely home, but the paying back bit just isn’t as fun. Unfortunately, we can’t take that away for you, but we can possibly make it more cost effective.
With more and more specialist lenders and mortgage products on the market than ever before it’s a great time to re-assess what your current deal is and see if there’s something better out there.

The problem that most people find is that they have been with the same bank the past 10/20 years, so they assume that level of loyalty will be reciprocated in getting the best mortgage deal from them.

The reality is that there are around 8 Million Residential Mortgages in the UK now, valued at over a Trillion pounds, proving the mortgage market to be one of the largest retail financial markets in the world. With this brings a huge amount of business and competition between the various Banks and Building Society’s, with each lender offering different Rates, deals and incentives to attract business.

What if your bank’s offering a deal which is 1% less than your friends bank – should you stick with them or should you shop around for a better deal?
How do you know that your 5 Year Fixed Capital Repayment deal is better than your neighbours 2 Year Fixed Interest Only tracker?
What makes taking out a Standard Variable Rate Mortgage more suitable for you if you’re looking to move in 6 months?

Here’s where we can help – for a FREE MORTGAGE REVIEW* please click on the link below and we can promise you one of two things.

Either we can beat your current deal and start saving you money, or you can rest assured that you don’t need to change because you still have the best deal for you. Either way we look to give you a positive outcome.


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