Remortgage Buying a property can be the biggest decision made in our lives. It is for this very reason that professional advice is critical from qualified advisers. CONTACT US

Why would you remortgage?

Whether you’re considering a remortgage to get the next best deal, or you have built up equity in your home and would like to carry out that extension you have always wanted, then why not get in contact with one of our advisers today and let them guide you through your best options.

SAVE MONEY – Many of our clients realise that after their fixed period has ended the rates can become a lot higher and therefore switching to another lender can save a lot of money.

ADAPT TO CHANGES – For many of us our financial situation will change from time to time and it’s then that we may need to discuss changing deals. It could be that you wish to fix in at a cheaper rate or that you want a deal that allows you to make overpayments, paying the mortgage off sooner than once planned. Either way it can be cost effective to discuss your options available.

DEBT CONSOLIDATION – We live in an age where borrowing is easily accessible, and credit can be offered in many different forms. For many of our clients the interest rates they are paying on Credit Cards and Car Loans are a great deal higher than what they would pay on their mortgage. Therefore, consolidating unsecured credit commitments into secured commitments such as your mortgage can reduce your monthly payments a great deal making your financial outgoings more manageable. It is worth noting this may mean you pay more over the longer term, therefore you may want to seek professional financial advice and carefully consider your options.

CAPITAL RAISING / RELEASE EQUITY – For some clients that want to borrow further funds and have seen an increase in the value of their property or their income, it may be an option to take out a Further Advance with their current lender or remortgage to another lender. Capital raising in this way can work out cheaper than taking individual loans and can be a good way of helping towards paying the wedding off or putting that extension on the back of the house.

If you are undecided on whether to remortgage, take out a Further Advance or a Second Charge Mortgage then click here and one of our brokers will advise you which suits best.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

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